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Sisters of Westwinter: Prologue III – The Sky Above

“…Emry saw Balshenai lift her head and point her mouth to the ground when she spoke. From the depths of her razor filled maw, her companion ejected a fountain of white-hot flame that spread across the ground in all directions. It swept through the underbrush and turned the surrounding vegetation to ash instantly. A few guards dropped their weapons to run, but none were fast enough. Balshenai’s flame erupted from the ground in pillars that devoured the city guards in a blinding flash of white light.”

Sisters of Westwinter: Prologue II – The Promise of Dragon’s Fire

Sisters of Westwinter The First Law of Atla Prologue II – The Promise of Dragon’s Fire Part One: The Sisters of Westwinter: Prologue I – Emry of the River No sooner than she released the haft did she fall back behind her parent’s bed. The arrow found its mark in the

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