Tag: The Architects

[SoW] Prologue, Part Three: Father Forever

“…Emry saw Balshenai lift her head and point her mouth to the ground when she spoke. From the depths of her razor filled maw, her companion ejected a fountain of white-hot flame that spread across the ground in all directions. It swept through the underbrush and turned the surrounding vegetation to ash instantly. A few guards dropped their weapons to run, but none were fast enough. Balshenai’s flame erupted from the ground in pillars that devoured the city guards in a blinding flash of white light.”

[SoW] Prologue, Part Two: The Promise of Dragon’s Fire

Prologue, Part I: [SoW] Prologue, Part One: Emry of the River No sooner than she released the haft did she fall back behind her parent’s bed. The arrow found its mark in the center of the man’s left eye, a sick crunch echoed through the bedroom as it embedded itself. Emry

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