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The Sky Sent Them To Kill [FGL 4]

Frogs Are Good Luck [Part One] Hair of the Dog [Part Two] Something Strange in Her [Part Three] I could feel it inside of me as I stood before them. My friends from years ago who’d hoped, loved, and withstood the pressure of the world by my side. Our paths

Something Strange In Her [FGL 3]

Frogs Are Good Luck [Part One] Hair of the Dog [Part Two] “She was different when she got back,” Danielle spoke quietly to the therapist. The first time she’d wanted to speak in the last three weeks. After Austin disappeared, a detective came to investigate it, didn’t listen to her,

The Colors of Pain

Black paint spattered the walls, unfinished streaks stretched from one side to the other in the bedroom. Everywhere else in the place looked as if it had been thrown onto the wall in haste. The floorboards were thick with dust, difficult to see in the darkness of the night sky.

Rule of Nines

She laid frail and broken on the arid sand, her spine bent along the twisting gnarled root of the Great Tree, the home of our salvation. The churning sand heaved and raised, carrying our queen into the broken limbs of the tree, careful to keep the rough bark away from

Hair of the Dog [FGL 2]

Frogs are Good Luck [Part One] His eyes snapped open, the sound of his beating heart all that he could hear pulsating in the darkness. The bloated shadows swallowed the world around him as his head pounded in the darkness. He laid his head in his hands, the swollen skin

The Cult of Bone & Ash Pt. 1

They were sacred days to some, after the fall of the Witchkings it was as if time returned to the valley. Crops withered and died, meals were quickly eaten as the sun fell below the horizon. The villages beneath their wide bulwark felt their loss, It was less like a

Frogs Are Good Luck (Reborn)

It hadn’t been long since I started at my second Furlong’s. I’d only been back in Northern Nevada for about a year and a half before I’d accepted the position. Like any other restaurant chain that suffered and rejoiced in the trials of underpaid waitstaff, arrogant cooks, edgy bartenders it

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