Tag: Serial Fiction

City of Night: Ammon’s Reach

“She knelt beside the flowers and plucked them from the earth as a cold wind blew. The season was changing and she felt it deep inside of her. 

Something was coming.”

Hair of the Dog [FGL 2]

Frogs are Good Luck [Part One] His eyes snapped open, the sound of his beating heart all that he could hear pulsating in the darkness. The bloated shadows swallowed the world around him as his head pounded in the darkness. He laid his head in his hands, the swollen skin

The Cult of Bone & Ash Pt. 1

They were sacred days to some, after the fall of the Witchkings it was as if time returned to the valley. Crops withered and died, meals were quickly eaten as the sun fell below the horizon. The villages beneath their wide bulwark felt their loss, It was less like a

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