Tag: Lifestyle

Arachnomad: The Spider’s Rental

I wasn’t always afraid of spiders. I’m still not necessarily afraid but I do give them a wide berth now.

Samaritangled: Talking To Yourself, Through Yourself

Portmanteaux Series: 3 The Portmanteaux Series is a short collection of personal writing to celebrate and encapsulate the memory of the beginning of my career writing online, a little over a decade ago I had the plan to start publishing my content online, which quickly became a blog about life.

Sentimentalkative: Orating Sorrows

Everything in life is a matter of perspective. The small things to us aren’t small to our children, to our pets. The stones we throw at one another could crush an ant. It is right to be afraid of things. What was a harmless word to you a decade ago might become something today that cuts you deep.

Expressionisthmus: Life on a Thin Bridge

In the grand scheme of things, thirty is young. But I’m also dramatic, much to my wife’s chagrin. So bear with me while I write about the end of my life coming at the end of this month, and if you feel so inclined, entertain my drama as I recount the path I’ve taken to get here in a few short passages while I mourn the death of my first youth.

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