Tag: Fantasy

Crackling of the Woods

The nobleman squirmed with anticipation beneath her touch. Foolish of him to drug her in the most popular tavern in the township. It had mostly dissolved by the time she’d picked up her mug, but she could still taste it. The bitter Spinfoil powder was a well-known paralytic, and he’d

New Leaders

I’ve tried to keep the talk of my time off as quiet as I can, as I don’t want to bog down what has otherwise been a passion project for me for quite some time. However, to get to the meat of today’s post I need to delve in a

The Cult of Bone & Ash Pt. 1

They were sacred days to some, after the fall of the Witchkings it was as if time returned to the valley. Crops withered and died, meals were quickly eaten as the sun fell below the horizon. The villages beneath their wide bulwark felt their loss, It was less like a

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