Compendium of Yhordric

In Reverence to the Late and Honored Maiden, Harriet Anfinch.

The pages herein are the collected sum of the work tallied over many lives. What Harriet Anfinch began with the Yhordric Bridge so many years ago continues on to this day, and in honor of her we sing the songs of the beasts. Detailed within you will find collected notes saved from the library of the Honored Maiden herself, spared from the late night fire which stole the life of our selfless guardian. Use this as a tool to preserve, and save. Should you find yourself at odds with One of What is Written, we will sing for you.

The Peace of the Claw be upon you.

Silverforge Aid Request: U.S. Sector Nine, Northern Nevada

Initial reports indicate that the individual skinshifter entity in U.S. Sector Nine is unlike any we’ve encountered before. The existence of such a creature has confirmed a hypothesis we’ve had about the nature of the Yhordric Beasts. They are capable of changing and evolving over time. Events that transpired in Dorley, NV between 1989 and…

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