Author: A.T. Baines

A writer, a blogger, a musician, a clothing designer, a gamer and an all around do-er of things. I just hope that you find inspiration. I hope that you find hope. Life is not meant to be awful.

HWHH: Two – Daughters

“A mother’s love endure’s through all.”

HWHH – One: Prophecy

“Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is.” – Albert Camus

Poetry Collection: I

A collection of poetry, some published already, some not, for you to enjoy.

[SOW] Chapter Five, Part Four: A Ward in the Dark

“I don’t have a reason to tell you anything. I can wait here, whether you kill me or not, you won’t make it out of here alive.”

Emry rounded the room, giving the dead soldier a wide berth. The scent of fresh blood intermingled with that of the rot and decay heaved her stomach on itself.

Heart, Felt – Part Five

The rains began to grow weaker after some time. Not in any meaningful way, but the torrent of bullets tearing down from on high slowed marginally enough that they wouldn’t sting upon contact. Which, was evidently enough to provoke Jinny to get up and walk around.

Heart, Felt – Part Four

“I wished in that moment for the stitches to tear from my lips and allow me a moment to speak, to break the barrier between myself and these humans to whom I’d indebted so much of my life, but I was unable…”

Heart, Felt – Part Three

What ever feeling was summoned by the combined group of McDermotts in the closet of their home brought about a sort of peace I’d not seen since I left my station in the Ivory Tower. They were, despite the rotting of the day, calm in the relative comfort of their coat closet.

Heart, Felt – Part Two

Lillia and Marcos fled into the room, and, quite unfortunately left me to be taken by the swelling waters of the basement. To my great pleasure, it did not remain this way.

Heart, Felt – Part One

This writing is to communicate to you the reason I believe the humans should be spared, with firsthand experience with them for centuries thanks to your punishment I have come to know that there are few things young humans love more than the comfort of a soft, although somewhat musty, teddy bear.

Bifurcategorized: Two Ways to Say the Same Thing

What began as a simple two headed dragon became a Hydra and I couldn’t discern one right decision from the other.

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