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A writer, a blogger, a musician, a clothing designer, a gamer and an all around do-er of things. I just hope that you find inspiration. I hope that you find hope. Life is not meant to be awful.

Sisters of Westwinter – Chapter One III: Snow & Blood

“You are going to die.” Kerrick thought, and came to a halt in the rear of the group as they set their sights on the Huntmaster and his prey…

Sisters of Westwinter – Chapter One II: The Court of Ice

“Real brave, ‘eh?” He repeated and knelt beside her. “Been looking ‘er ye’ some time, girl.” He widened his grin and revealed a grizzled row of rotten brown teeth, many of them chipped.

She turned to face him, “You know, Lambs Head Flower boiled in water releases a sap, useful for cleaning your teeth.”
He closed his mouth immediately and kicked her in the stomach.

Sisters of Westwinter: Chapter One I – Piecemeal

“Your orders are as follows,” The General took over. “You will be sent in two parties, one to push ahead and begin the retrieval, while the other brings the wagon with the filtration equipment to the site. We currently have most of the bodies trapped in a net but it won’t hold for long. These men…” He gestured behind himself. “Will be your escorts.

Sisters of Westwinter: Prologue III – The Sky Above

“…Emry saw Balshenai lift her head and point her mouth to the ground when she spoke. From the depths of her razor filled maw, her companion ejected a fountain of white-hot flame that spread across the ground in all directions. It swept through the underbrush and turned the surrounding vegetation to ash instantly. A few guards dropped their weapons to run, but none were fast enough. Balshenai’s flame erupted from the ground in pillars that devoured the city guards in a blinding flash of white light.”

Sisters of Westwinter: Prologue II – The Promise of Dragon’s Fire

Sisters of Westwinter The First Law of Atla Prologue II – The Promise of Dragon’s Fire Part One: The Sisters of Westwinter: Prologue I – Emry of the River No sooner than she released the haft did she fall back behind her parent’s bed. The arrow found its mark in the

The Sisters of Westwinter: Prologue I – Emry of the River

Emry backed away from the dragon and folded her arms. “Why now? Why have I never known you existed, let alone that you ‘protected’ us?” She crossed to the dragon’s opposite eye.

“Because I promised your mother you never would.”

Beginning of the End (Bearscape 2021)

So here it is then, the end. Mean for the Holidays 2020 was, for me, an expression of frustration and anger and sadness and hope. After watching the world and seeing myself for who I’ve become at the end of this long journey I needed something to make me feel

The Sky Sent Them To Kill [FGL 4]

Frogs Are Good Luck [Part One] Hair of the Dog [Part Two] Something Strange in Her [Part Three] I could feel it inside of me as I stood before them. My friends from years ago who’d hoped, loved, and withstood the pressure of the world by my side. Our paths

Silverforge Aid Request: U.S. Sector Nine, Northern Nevada

Initial reports indicate that the individual skinshifter entity in U.S. Sector Nine is unlike any we’ve encountered before. The existence of such a creature has confirmed a hypothesis we’ve had about the nature of the Yhordric Beasts. They are capable of changing and evolving over time. Events that transpired in

Something Strange In Her [FGL 3]

Frogs Are Good Luck [Part One] Hair of the Dog [Part Two] “She was different when she got back,” Danielle spoke quietly to the therapist. The first time she’d wanted to speak in the last three weeks. After Austin disappeared, a detective came to investigate it, didn’t listen to her,

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