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About A.T. Baines

A.T. Baines is little more than a skeleton that takes himself too seriously. Born in the midst of Nowhere, Northern Nevada he has since moved to greener scenery and currently resides in Expensive Nowhere, Southwestern Idaho. Nestled in the trees he spends a large portion of his time with his wife & dogs, (A needy Black Lab/Border Collie Mix whose got him wrapped around her finger, and an anxious Red Heeler who turned out to be the best friend he’s ever had.)

He’s been writing for the better part of ten years, and has learned much over that time. Originally starting his journey with writing as a weekly lifestyle blogger and poet with aspirations of being one of the fantasy greats, he has since realized a number of things about himself. Primarily, that he prefers panic over peace and is much more at home in the frantic hours before a deadline than he ever has been in the weeks or days when nothing is due. When he does get a minute or two for peace he enjoys playing D&D, video games, making music & never washing the dishes as often as he should.

Baines has spent time juggling a small business and maintaining a consistent diet of caffeine and nicotine while trying to find proof that the Philosopher Stone is real. In between long study sessions he tries to be enough for his wonderful wife and hopes that he’s managed to do so, at least sometimes. Most of his day outside of work is taken up by crafting his expansive fiction universe which spans thousands of years and numerous scenic locations such as: Art Galleries in Seattle, Restaurants in Portland, The surface of a molten hot Red Dwarf, the actual stairs that get you to Heaven and the cold frigid frozen nightmare world hidden beneath the lowest layer of hell.

Other works of his include personal writings about his life and youth in Northern Nevada, as well as writings that touch on mental health, crafting D&D campaigns and world building. Other works of his may be found scrawled on bar napkins left behind in a rush, eldritch writings chiseled into granite walls in hard to find alleyways and the occasional message in blood written above your kitchen sink. To find out more about A.T. Baines and his many hats, follow him on Instagram & Twitter @at.baines + Facebook at A.T. Baines.

Any questions or comments? Feel free to reach out by email & let me know!

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