Silverforge Aid Request: U.S. Sector Nine, Northern Nevada

Initial reports indicate that the individual skinshifter entity in U.S. Sector Nine is unlike any we’ve encountered before. The existence of such a creature has confirmed a hypothesis we’ve had about the nature of the Yhordric Beasts. They are capable of changing and evolving over time. Events that transpired in Dorley, NV between 1989 and 2009 have indicated that the Skinshifter present there does not fit cleanly within our definition of their breed.

This request will be added to the Field Guide upon our next meeting with The Bridge.

Incident reports from eye witness accounts between 1989 and 2001 noted that on various occasions, individuals went missing in and around the city perimeter. This trend moved slowly towards Carson City and back to Dorley over the above span of time. Between two and six months after each occurrence, the missing individuals appeared to their loved ones. From these noted appearances another group of individuals went missing. This cycle repeated quietly until a short lapse in 1995 which lasted until 2001. Since then, the frequency of kidnappings increased dramatically, from one every three years to on disappearance every three months. It has continued at this pattern until the time of this report.
We have contacted Silverforge for their assistance and they responded by sending Dr. Anton Derringer to the scene. His reports back to the Witch Hunters have illuminated the behavior and conditions we are dealing with.

The creature itself appears to masquerade as a Skinshifter, as it appears to humans in their own visage, showing up as loved ones or coworkers. Derringer’s initial report indicated that while this was accurate, there was something else at work beneath the surface. He identified the nest of the creature as not a nest, but rather a ritual site. Upon his investigation, he found a large system of caves connected by a complex network of tunnels and small holding rooms. Within these rooms, he found humans who had been taken, and other humans who had not been reported missing. In the case of most of those who were taken during this first recorded activity, they were found with supplementary organic implants beneath the skin of their chest. Derringer never sent a sample to The Bridge for analysis, but reported that they appeared to be beetle-like in shape and size. That they were a living organism independent of the creature we had first considered this to be. We’ve not discovered any skinshifter thus far whose life cycle involved any sort of symbiosis with another living entity. The studies noted from the Church of the Sixth Hand described Skinshifters as independent creatures, who were known to work alongside one another. Reference of them with cooperating with other Yhordric Beasts are few and far between, and almost always based upon a mutual gain for both parties. Derringer reported later, that this beast or collection of beasts was capable of assuming the form of many different humans. In his report, he described a central chamber found within the network of caves beneath the land outside the city which contained a variety of human skins that had been flayed and hung for later use. He did not find any recognizable remains during the course of his investigation.
Derringer reported towards the end of communication that there was something within the deeper network this beast called home that he’d never seen before, something he had difficulty describing accurately in his report. With the gathered data, the Yhordric Bridge sent supplies and weapons to Dr. Derringer in hopes that he could kill the creature, but was ultimately unsuccessful.
In his final transmission to The Bridge, Derringer remarked that the bugs found within the bodies of those who had been taken were linked with the greater beast at the center of the nest. Something about how they were used allowed the creature within to copy the appearance of any living being who had been infected. In one particular case, many of the bugs were sighted according to Dr. Derringer, who had attached to the surface of a victims skin and bled him dry. In this final transmission Derringer remarked that there were hundreds, if not thousands of bodies beneath the surface of the city who had been imprisoned for some time, perhaps as scavenged food, or perhaps for some other purpose which he could not define. He left us with the notion that this Skinshifter is not what we first thought it was, and we would like to request assistance once more from Silverforge.

Dr. Derringer hasn’t been in contact since 2001. We fear the worst. Our own agents have gone to extract him from the location but each were ultimately unsuccessful. We do not want to make demands of you, but we will need your best.

The Northern Nevada Skinshifter is not a skinshifter, not like any we’ve hunted before. It appears to be a triplicate symbiosis between the shifters, a small bug-like creature, and another unknown beast capable of replicating the appearance of others.

We will reward you handsomely for any information you can return regarding this beast. But we ask that its extermination Is your priority. Do not let anyone from the Church of the Sixth prevent you from completing your assigned task.


Council of Overseers for U.S. Sector Nine

There will be no end to the screaming.

Thank you, for coming to hear a new story from the Otherwhere. This is only the beginning. I hope to see you back over the next few days until the end of this year. These are not only retellings of a world long ago. They are a recorded history, a warning for all of us. I am merely the vessel they are speaking through. I hope you share these warnings with as many as you can. The time is not long now. Do not be afraid of the shadows.

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