The Grimoire of Finality

Welcome to the beginning and end of all things.

Sisters of Westwinter – Chapter One II: The Court of Ice

“Real brave, ‘eh?” He repeated and knelt beside her. “Been looking ‘er ye’ some time, girl.” He widened his grin and revealed a grizzled row of rotten brown teeth, many of them chipped.

She turned to face him, “You know, Lambs Head Flower boiled in water releases a sap, useful for cleaning your teeth.”
He closed his mouth immediately and kicked her in the stomach.

Sisters of Westwinter: Chapter One I – Piecemeal

“Your orders are as follows,” The General took over. “You will be sent in two parties, one to push ahead and begin the retrieval, while the other brings the wagon with the filtration equipment to the site. We currently have most of the bodies trapped in a net but it won’t hold for long. These men…” He gestured behind himself. “Will be your escorts.

Follow the Clues

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