The Grimoire of Finality

Welcome to the beginning and end of all things.

[SOW] Chapter Three, Part Two: A Royal Visit

Dhama fought a grin, but couldn’t help it. They both broke out into a short fit of laughter before Dhama was able to collect herself.

“Your allure aside, what I said last night still holds true. I am worried for you, Khenna. We need you, and we don’t want to lose you. I am here to offer an alternative.”

[SoW] Chapter Three, Part One: Shadows of Fangs

“It has come to my attention that there was not only one dragon attack in my absence, but two with a potential for a third. As such, those of you who will not be returning to Godspine with me will begin packing your things. I am reassigning you to a new post. There will be, in a number of days, a team who will arrive to replace you here. This new platoon is more experienced and will be able to survive a true dragon attack.”

Kerrick caught the way Vandruss said “true”, as if the prior evening hadn’t destroyed the lives of his friends and their families. As if Ginu hadn’t carted a pile of bodies back from the forest and left them in the marksman range to freeze.

Sisters of Westwinter Chapter Two VI: Scales & Keys

“Witch, have you gathered sufficiently?”

She nodded, and handed the sack over to him as the knife blade brushed her skin a second time.

He opened the sack and before he could investigate the single item she’d collected, a young man’s voice burst forth from a cell in the center of the block. 

“You won’t have me!” He screamed, his vocal cords fraying as he did so, and followed by his exclamation came a sick slurp

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