The Grimoire of Finality

Welcome to the beginning and end of all things.

Beginning of the End (Bearscape 2021)

So here it is then, the end. Mean for the Holidays 2020 was, for me, an expression of frustration and anger and sadness and hope. After watching the world and seeing myself for who I’ve become at the end of this long journey I needed something to make me feel more at home in my

The Sky Sent Them To Kill [FGL 4]

Frogs Are Good Luck [Part One] Hair of the Dog [Part Two] Something Strange in Her [Part Three] I could feel it inside of me as I stood before them. My friends from years ago who’d hoped, loved, and withstood the pressure of the world by my side. Our paths might have gone in different

Silverforge Aid Request: U.S. Sector Nine, Northern Nevada

Initial reports indicate that the individual skinshifter entity in U.S. Sector Nine is unlike any we’ve encountered before. The existence of such a creature has confirmed a hypothesis we’ve had about the nature of the Yhordric Beasts. They are capable of changing and evolving over time. Events that transpired in Dorley, NV between 1989 and

Follow the Clues

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